Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Recess of the Minds (ft. Alpha Sigma & Prawphit) [American Psycho Homage] (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

5th single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE!. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Fubar, Alpha Sigma & Prawphit. Video edited by DJ Rhum'1. Video footage used from the movie "American Psycho".


witness the bad guy, demons grin when I pass by
I'm the wind battering ships 'til they capsize
swim to the back side, while I spit for the last time
battling a djinn under black skies
as a kid I was baptized
in hopes to eliminate all the sins from my past life
I'ma spit 'til you flat-line
I'm like Moses, bodies of water split when I grab mics
you are no longer facing a human
genes were modified, they made an improvement
the man I once was, replaced with a mutant
that conducts the same energy Raiden induces
staying secluded in a state of confusion
battle inner demons and Satan's included
why try when escaping is useless?
now everything I do is related to music..

Alpha Sigma:

have your corpse exhumed each year, cut and hack up your cadaver
men of gory souvenirs, such filth-tacular macabre
I'm a Catholic with a vision of a savage inner mission
to bring wrath in exhibitions like the Spanish Inquisition
burn in the fire, admire the sight so high on Moriah
murder the child, comply or all people die's my desire
the bolt of lightning igniter, the horrid violence provider
the coldest nights are inside of the morgue, so I just divide up
small pieces of evening's, for seeking the reasoning
I feast on emcees when they needs hella seasoning
chugging our brews, spit and taunt other suckers like they're broads
fuck it we do what we want, we the motherfucking gods
I could listen to those trashy pitiful bastards rap
fuck that though, I'd rather just shit in my hands then clap
having been their first applause, they might smile if I did
saddening, then murder calls, flex and wipe them off the grid..


it's the verbal assassin, curb serving your masked men
got some herbal and hash like the bird in the ashes
you're gonna wish you took note of the tier from here
when I slit your throat from ear to ear
giving you the dope without the mirror to clear
shit it's a mad globe so shed those tears for fears
so let's be honest, I'm like Jeffrey Dahmer getting nauseous at a Benihana's
a sick starving artist, and bitch I've hardly started
I'm quick to carve a bar when I'm blitzed by harder hardships
equipped with thoughtful smarts and a clip for target markets
it's Mr. fucking Berkawitz merking a verse for kicks
on some special ops shit and burning that murderous
a little more sane thanks to the bass and the treble
with a brain people say is infected by devils
I'm so cocky when I write that dikes are bitching it's bad for business
but I'm so godly on the mic that my existence is sacrilegious

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