Psix Presents: Underworld Netherlands - The Word Became Flesh & Blood (2012)

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Label: Akkie Records
Mixed: Husc Sound
Mastered: Waxflowers Mastering
Cover Art: Mike VanderHoof

Rook da Rukus, Duhnokah da Great, Schoppenaas, P$!X, D-Cypha, Big Gastino, Crisis, Steadfast, Melk$$$$, The Cross continent Crew, Don Valentino, King Mike V, Virus One, Empne, Roeschti, Gurilla Grodd, Taiyamo denku, 80Proof, J smith, Lord Q, Pherom One, Mighty Warrior, Grim, Ajfms, Risskant, Anonymouz, Stihopatis, & Insane Poetry.

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