Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Sleeping Giants (ft. Klive Kraven & Si-Klon) - Cutz by DJ Twisted (4th Single)

4th single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Klive Kraven representing Goldminded Records and Si-Klon. Cutz by DJ Twisted

Klive Kraven:

rigidly, vividly, kill an emcee instantly
isn't he the epitome
a shit emcee, couldn't spit it clean with a mouth full of Listerine
I spit shit so dirty, you need Mr. Clean
won't stop 'til I hear you bitches scream
wake up it's just a wicked dream
sicker than Sheen, I got a viscious team
the Goldminded goons leave you dying in your tomb
fuck your wife's slimy womb
in the UK they say I'm a ________ dude
rocking with a grimey crew, mysterious like Chinese food
keep talking shit and I'll see you in I.C.U.
with an ivy dude, peep the level I kill
walking alone up the devil's hill..


I get depressed, trying to deal with the issues
one love to homies who can feel what I've been through
armed to the teeth, got a shield and a ginsu
lacerate your flesh and peel back the tissue
it's obvious you knew I was nuts
moment the volcano wakes up the booth will erupt
you ain't got a clue where I'm from
I do what I must, and I swear it on the moon up above
couldn't match my ability to rap
I break laws, travel to the end of infinity and back
decapitate heads using typically and ax
set foot in my cypher, get visciously attacked
your similies are wack, the epitome of trash
you'll be lucky if you leave with your dignity intact
officially I'm back with a symphony of tracks
turn them up until your ear drums instantly collapse


I emerge from the deepest level hidden behind the center
of several experimental portals deep inside a vessel
a vessel that lets me move from the underworld’s matrix
all the way to the Pleiadians ageless oasis
my D.N.A. can alter the memory of my bloodline
with sublime physical features moving in the human spine
every nerve connects and bends, it’s like a puzzle in my head
feel alive, relax your muscles, let your inner thoughts spread
dive into the double helix, as I move inside the fetus
breaking every part to pieces, burning the body like a phoenix
finding myself on journey, feeding flowers that are learning
to consume all the minerals and the sunlight above me
are you thirsty? then follow me to the continuum
where I am more than just a part of one hundred billion suns
that survive using the blood that is spilling from the fountain
the blood.. that is spilling from the fountain..

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