Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Violins of Blood (ft. Hutch Devill & Lord Lhus) - Cutz by DJ Twisted (3rd Single)

3rd single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Hutch Devill and Lord Lhus. Cutz by DJ Twisted


I'm at the top of the food chain
hoping I'm not gonna mutate
into something unable to stop and subdue pain
wrote a story with a plot that includes fame
instead I'm walking non-stop in a fugue state
chose to smoke less, broke but won't beg
I continue traveling a road that won't end
father was nuts, had a dome with no sense
when I was only 12 years old he chose death
in a room sitting all alone I hold pens
and write about the fact that my soul is grotesque
why is it every person is after
the unattainable like the reversal of cancer?
dillusional, thinking there's a god in the heavens
afraid of the reality I'm not gonna mention
if I choose to, I can use a rock as a weapon
but I choose words now that I got your attention..

Hutch Devill:

I devour the powerless, demolish them with powerful fists
holding an hourglass, towering over you like where the father sits
I'm looking down upon the sick just like a pharmacist
you look upon your image and grin because your a narcissist
I look upon my own image and find it hard to sit
I only see sins, and how I've been due to my heartlessness
I only wish that I could store it away
hide from the hideousness just like the "Portrait of Dorian Grey"
but it's a glorious day and I shouldn't be a cynic
I know there's only one life and only one chance to live it
and if I spend today surrounded by sorrow and pain
then all of my tomorrows will slowly become my yesterdays
in any case, even knowing this, I would rather throw a fist
than blow a kiss at bitches when they show they lips
I'm not the shoulder you can lean upon
I'm not the open arms, and I'm not your strength when all your hope is gone
my name is Adam from Eden cast out of paradise
for rolling a pair of dice.. despair and I, we pair alike

Lord Lhus:

I'm coming at you to smash you and lash at your throat
I'll have you shackled and baffled, from the scene you awoke
with DJ Rhum'1, Fubar, running with the Shark Brothers
dark covers the night sky, thunder clouds cover
look up, stare at the rain as it drops
I got you shook up, now feel the pain never stops
hit a lightning crash, I like the blood, let me borrow more
my flow is raw, ignite the gas to the horrorcore
just keep it underground, listen to the murder sounds
scream for a life over death and agony as I burn them down
now the smell of flesh done got you heated
but you stand finished, burning alive and also defeated
face it, I got bodies stacked up in the basement
never lost a battle, written or freestyle, now embrace it
I hate this, how all of you rappers is wack
so let me finish them off and drop this murder on track..

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