Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Shark Infested Waters (COMING SOON)

Collaboration album between Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 (Romain Undaground). Fubar reps Demonios Sekt, OvaSeas Movement & Shark Brothers Label. DJ Rhum'1 reps Shark Brothers Label.


Darkest Corridor

Bats in the Belfry (ft. Katha)

Darkest Corridor (COD Video Version)


Dr. Lekta - The Adventures of Hip Hopkins



Beatljuice & Grammophon Finest Present: Naja Gemini - Polycephaly


Aslan Presentz: 12 Jewelz The Latin Quarterz (PROMO)

Coming soon from 12 Jewelz Productionz

01. Hasta Donde (ft. Buitre Zamuro, Lady Yaco)
02. Gueto Para Gueto (ft. Zonah, Sabotawj, Sea KL, Visel MC)
03. Illusao Du Mundo (ft. Don Ksen, Visel MC)
04. El Desierto (ft. Dano, Nethone, Kael Toffana of Ziontifik)
05. Furias Das Ruas (ft. Zonah, Visel MC, Rulaz Plazco)
06. Honor (ft. Absouljah, Zonah, Buitre Zamuro, Visel MC)
07. El Amanecer Del Bandido (ft. Putrafakta-Fe, Zonah, Visel MC, Don Ksen, Lady Yaco, Buitre Zamuro, Dragos)
08. Guerrillaz (ft. Buitre Zamuro, Dragos)
09. Las Doce Joyas (ft. Spicco, Zonah, Visel MC)
10. Guerrilla Organizada (ft. Don Ksen)
11. Worldwide (ft. Buitre Zamuro, Kontent, ATA)
12. La Fuente (ft. Don Ksen)
13. Cruda Vida (ft. Alianza Perversa "Explicito & The Jotaka")


Aslan (Facebook)
Latin Quarterz (YouTube)

One Stream Mental - When the Night Falls


Facebook 1
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Avalon Zone Records


Chino XL - RICANstruction: The Black Rosary

Disc 1: Scalpel

01. Rain (Interlude)
02. Father's Day [Beat by Apollo Brown]
03. 8 Beginnings (Interlude) (ft. Mystic) [Beat by Apollo Brown]
04. Have 2 [Beat by E-Swift]
05. It's Not Too L8te [Beat by Stu Bangas]
06. Wicked Church [Beat by Toba Beats]
07. Silent Art Child [Beat by Southpaw]
08. Broken Halo [Beat by Sid Roams]
09. Anything [Beat by Wyldfyre]
10. Hell Song (ft. Tech N9ne) [Beat by Wyldfyre]
11. Bad Man Bible [Beat by Wyldfyre]
12. Mama Told Me [Beat by DJ Khalil & J Thrill]
13. Afraid Of Nothing [Beat by Kwame]
14. Can Be [Beat by Apollo Brown]
15. Arm Yourself (ft. Sick Jacken, Immortal Technique, DV Alias Khrist) [Beat by Wyldfyre]
16. No Damn Good For Me (Scarlet Intro) [Beat by Lounge Lizzards]
17. Sleep In Scarlet [Beat by Focus]
18. Nahh [Beat by Focus]
19. Eye [Beat by House Shoes]
20. Reguarding Elizabeth (ft. Travis Barker) [Beat by Soul Professor]

Disc 2: Chapel

01. Black Rosary 8:00AM [Beat by Apollo Brown]
02. Closer To God [Beat by Oh No]
03. Little Man [Beat by Focus]
04. Figure It Out [Beat by Focus]
05. Xross Your Heart (ft. Bun B) [Beat by Focus]
06. Buried In Vocabulary (ft. The Horse Shoe Gang) [Beat by Level 13]
07. Missing You 8:00PM (Interlude) [Beat by Apollo Brown]
08. Crazy Love [Beat by Exile]
09. Take It Back (ft. Rakaa Iriscience, Roc Marciano) [Beat by Apollo Brown]
10. N.I.C.E. [Beat by Nick Wiz]
11. Kings (ft. Big Pun) [Beat by Focus]
12. 90 Bars of Intervention [Beat by Focus]
13. The Hype Man (Interlude) [Beat by Soul Professor]
14. Latino's Stand Up (Remix) (ft. Sick Jacken, B-Real, Thirstin Howl III, Sinful, Kid Frost) [Beat by Focus]
15. Gone [Beat by Izzy the Kid]

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True Grit - Bad Taste

Official Bone Gristle (ft. Ben Nice) [Beat by One-Take]

Misunderstood (ft. Jah Soldier) [Beat by Scrilla Beats]

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True Grit (Facebook)

Goldminded Records


Sarcastik - No Excuses


Sarcastik (Facebook)
Sarcastik (YouTube)

Middle Ground (Blog)
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Middle Ground (Bandcamp)

Middle Ground - One Hitters Vol. 1


Middle Ground (Blog)
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Middle Ground (Bandcamp)

Tunnel Movement - OverDue


Tunnel Movement (Facebook)
Tunnel Movement (ReverbNation)

Middle Ground - Breaking Ground


Middle Ground (Blog)
Middle Ground (Facebook)
Middle Ground (Bandcamp)

Kwote1 - Kwote of the Week (1-8)

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


Kwote1 (Website)
Kwote1 (Facebook 1)
Kwote1 (Facebook 2)
Kwote1 (ReverbNation)
Kwote1 (YouTube)

Middle Ground (Website)


Lone Ninja - Rogue Agent (COMING SOON)

Pre-Order Here !!



IDE & Alucard - Uncovered Remains (Album Snippets)

Album Snippets

Around the same time Alucard and IDE recorded "For Fuck Sake" they had another project in the works: "Stonecutters: Primitive Tools". A concept album based on “Building” in both a literal and metaphorical sense. The album was titled “Primitive Tools” in reference to bringing it back to the basics of creating Hip Hop. After IDE was in the Hospital with a collapsed lung, moving, and falling out of touch with some of the producers. The project slowly fell apart. Even with over 15 songs recorded. A good portion of the tracks were mixed, however some of the songs were lost on a destroyed hard-rive. Now in 2012 after scavenging the best raw recorded mixes from the project, Creative Juices Music has decided to release this material as album project called “Uncovered Remains“. With over 15 unreleased tracks. Most never before heard. All though not every track got to get the finishing touches, and final mixes. The sound of the album captivates the time it was recorded and the mind state the artist were in. We decided it was best left untempered. After mastering and touching up all the tracks as best as possible “Uncovered Remains” is ready for immediate release. Digital copies will be available on itunes September 18th, and physical copies will be made available shortly after. This project will hit home for fans of Force Fed, Watch Them Fall, FFS, and Table of Content. Hard hitting raw production by the likes of: IDE, Benzie, Junior Makhno, Al Tarba, Black Sparx, R1 and Philup Drummond…. Alucard and IDE claim it is some of there most lyrical content to date, and our excited to finally have this material see the light of day. Dust off your stereos in preparation for these “Uncovered Remains” sure to leave the most hardcore Hip Hop fans wondering what planet these artist came from, and how they come up with some of the content they rhyme about.

01. Stonecutters (Intro)
02. Wall of Troy
03. Disciple to Master
04. Windy Nights
05. Pyramid Buildaz
06. 2013
07. Interlude
08. Stonecutters (ft. Lord Lhus)
09. Teacher's Workshop
10. Fall of Persia
11. Down With Us
12. Scripts N Scrolls (ft. UG)
13. Interlude
14. The New Standard (ft. Critical)
15. B-Boy Spacemen
16. Waning Crescent
17. Eastern Drama
18. Doorways 2001 (Outro)


Creative Juices (Website)
Creative Juices (SoundCloud)


Immortal Technique - The Martyr

Brain Kave Music Group - The EvILLution Vol. 1


Brain Kave Music Group (Website)
Brain Kave Music Group (Facebook)
Brain Kave Music Group (Bandcamp)
Brain Kave Music Group (Clothing)
Brain Kave Music Group (YouTube)

Dr. Creep - The Dead Tree Project


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Dr. Creep - Pyramid Effect and the Sun Order (2011)


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Rap Grotesco Fest 2012

Date: 9-22-2012

Performances By:

Alianza Perversa (The Jotaka & Explicito)
Vyrus Insano
Lenguarmada & Actos Demoniacos
Insanidad Mental
Inkisidor De La Herejia

Click Here for Detailed Info !!

Iguan - La Keketape

01. Bientôt In [Beat by Kachin]
02. Des Techniques Pour te Plaire (ft. Tush) [Beat by Tush]
03. Popop la Cerise [Beat by ComTox]
04. Pour Toutes les Tass [Beat by Spect Hustla]
05. Erika [Beat by Kiftron]
06. Miaow Fait le Minou (ft. B'haine & Slowdom) [Beat by ComTox]
07. Girl Problems (ft. Whichcraft & Verb) [Beat by Spect Hustla]
08. Je Suis Dégouté [Beat by High Chief]
09. Sexterlude [Beat by DJ Rhum'1]
10. Les Gens ne me Comprennent Pas [Beat by High Chief]
11. Strip Tise [Beat by Zieke]
12. Toi Toi & Toi (ft. Katha) [Beat by High Chief]
13. Retour Vers la Queue Dure [Beat by One Stream Mental]
14. Je te Funck [Beat by Kiftron]
15. Elle (ft. Maxi K) [Beat by Space N Veda]

07, 13 - Cuts by DJ Twisted

Cover by Timea Kovacs (Tea Tea Designs)



Dox Boogie - The Boogie Man EP


Brain Kave Music Group (Website)
Brain Kave Music Group (Facebook)
Brain Kave Music Group (Bandcamp)
Brain Kave Music Group (Clothing)
Brain Kave Music Group (YouTube)

Young Catalyst - High Definition




Must Have Lyrics Contest

Click Here for BEAT !!

Deadline: 11-22-2012

You DO NOT have to film a video, it can just be a song with a picture or something in the background !!

Contest Rules:

1. You must be SUBSCRIBED to his YouTube page - HERE

2. You must click LIKE on his Facebook Fan Page - HERE

3. Make your song a VIDEO RESPONSE to the video above, he will APPROVE all video responses when he gets the chance (video title does not matter) but he'd prefer you title it "Must Have Lyrics Contest - Your Name"

4. You can only submit 1 entry (if you post an entry and end up re-recording it, delete your 1st entry, and re-enter it).

5. Your entry must be at least 16 bars, but can be a full song.

He will be judging the contest. The PRIZE is an exclusive beat by himself, Nate Kiz. He will send you snippets, and you can pick out your winning beat.

Shadow People (Open Verse Competition)

Shadow People is holding an open verse competition. The beat is called "No Mercy" and was produced by SP's own: Tunna Beatz. MC's on this track include Danegurous, Pryme Prolifik, Darren G, Marcanum X, Subkonshis and the winner of this contest. Required: 16 bars of your best lyrically ability!

Contest is open to anyone until 9-30-2012. After the 30th, Shadow People will review all the submissions and will then vote as a group.

This is a chance for you to shine !!

Beat: "No Mercy"

Submit verses to: shadowpeeps@yahoo.com

Make sure that when you submit your entry to include a reference track along with all of your acapellas (unmixed) or they won't be able to use your verse !!


Shadow People (Facebook)

Fake 4 Inc. (Live Performance)

Performers: Ceschi, Louis Logic, Baby Jayne, AWTHNTKTS

Date: 10-16-2012
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
All Ages
Cover Charge: $5.00

More Detailed Info HERE !!


Morbid Complex - Posse Cut 2: When the Lights Go Out (TRAILER)

Trailer for the massive posse cut track with 23 RAW underground rappers. This is the follow up track from last years hit "Just Kill Yourself", which was the first part of the trilogy: "Operation Overkill". This is part 2..

Mogly & Anonamix - Anti-Authority

Album Sampler:

Purchase Here

01. Intro
02. Anti-Authority
03. The Killing
04. Massacre Laugh
05. Habitual Habitat
06. Empire of Fire
07. Rap Aparitionist
08. Calm Little Moments (Skit)
09. Land of the Lunatic
10. UnCut
11. BoozeHounds
12. Mr. Shss
13. Psycho Babble
14. Another
15. Outro

Sons of Chaos - Spitzilla

The 1st single off the Sons of Chaos debut album "Birth of Destruction" (COMING SOON). Featuring from Krazy Race, Rez the Silverback, Black Pope, Nohokai, Perseverance, Leaders of the Lost, Vitiate, Wisdo & cuts by DJ Coach 1.

Artwork done by DJ Zashone (Shadow People)

Watch in HD !!



Apostolus - Morph Your Mind

Last Card in the Deck

01. Intro
02. I Don't Belong
03. Hey Baby
04. Rainbow Island
05. Last Card In The Deck
06. Glass
07. Venomous Rage (Bonus Track)




Klep T.O. - Myne for the Taking

"Enemy Lines" [Beat by Hyraoh] (1st Single)

"What's What?" (ft. Diggy) [Beat by Amen Raw] (2nd Single)

01. Representative
02. Enemy Lines
03. 'Til Death
04. What's What (ft. Diggy)
05. Hard
06. Can't Keep a Good Man Down (ft. Linx P)
07. Mic's my Religion
08. Myne for the Taking
09. The Cure (ft. Orangutan Gang)
10. Fighting For
11. It's On Me (ft. Buckles)
12. Punches in Bunches (ft. Bambino & 24/7)
13. Associated (ft. Linx P)




Phasewon - Lord of War (Mixtape) (2012)

This is an "exclusive" compilation brought to you by Fubar's Blog. It includes almost all the songs available from Phasewon via his SoundCloud, YouTube & SoundClick pages. Cover thrown together by myself. Hope you enjoy some raw / dark / entertaining lyricism..

"Lord of War"

"Body Snatcher"

Track Listing:

01. Flawless Rawness
02. Amped Up
03. Body Snatcher
04. If God Answered Prayers (Skit)
05. Lord of War
06. 40 Bars of Death
07. Flying Daggers
08. Rack City Freestyle (Wack City)
09. 4, 3, 2, 1 Freestyle

2, 3 - beats by The Gonz
1, 6 - beats by Sourze


Gill Graff - Outlier

After releasing "Therapeutic: The Mixtape" back in February of 2012, Gill Graff finally releases his long anticipated album "Outlier" which is entirely produced by Knowledge Medina.

01. Outlier
02. Falling Down
03. Alexis Texas (Skit)
04. No Kidneys
05. Look Your Way (ft. Jeremy Lebron)
06. Pray For Me To Lose (ft. Red Pages)
07. Just Venting Ii
08. Paper
09. How Can I?
10. Another Day (ft. Jeremy Lebron)
11. Stealth (ft. Knowledge Medina, Kairo) - Cuts by DJ Yathz
12. Poem (Interlude)
13. Goodbye (ft. Knowledge Medina, Roly Hawkins, Luvera)


Mid Flex - Jack Tha Throne

"Throne" (1st Single) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"Chicago" (2nd Single) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)




Dr. Creep - I Am The Storm (COMING SOON)

The Hunter [Beat by Junior Makhno] (1st Single)


Klive Kraven - "Mysteries on a Mountain" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This is a brand new official music video from Klive Kraven from his newest release "The Last Days of Mountain Man". The song was produced by Klive Kraven himself. He also directed and edited the music video. The video was filmed by Danielle Graham. The filming took place in Maryland and Pennsylvania. To hear more from Klive Kraven and Goldminded Records visit the links below.

Purchase the album here: "The Last Days of Mountain Man"


Klive Kraven (Website)
Klive Kraven (Beats)

Goldminded Records

Mogly & Anonamix - The Damned

Album Preview:

Layenda (1st single - OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Goldminded Records

Anonamix (Website)
Anonamix (YouTube)
Anonamix (ReverbNation)
Anonamix (SoundCloud)
Anonamix (Facebook)

Mogly (Facebook)
Mogly (MySpace)