Vitiate - W.H.I.T.E. (2012)

Release Date: 12-18-2012


Catalyst - Fuck The Radio (2008)


Poetic Death - Darcia (2012)


Bloody Monk Consortium - Quicksand EP (2012)

Vitiate - Flamethrowers (Single)

Artist: Vitiate
Featuring: R.A. The Ruggedman, Evil Intentions, Bekay
Beat & Cuts: The White Shadow of Norway
Album: W.H.I.T.E.
Mix & Master: Dan Moser of Dan Moser Audio


NoEmotion GoldMask - Golden Orgy (Collaboration Album) (2012)


ILLtemper - Multifarious (2012)


Junior Makhno - Reversal of Praxis (2012)


Creative Juices Music Presents
Junior Makhno - Reversal of Praxis (The Mixtape)
Release Date: 11-20-2012

17 tracks produced by Junior Makhno


Thirstin Howl III, Vinnie Paz, Spit Gemz, Shaz Illyork, JMega, Lord Lhus, Nems, IDE & Alucard, Jise One, Chief Kamachi, Kwote1, Homeboy Sandman, Beeyoudee, Ching Rock, Genocide, Heddshotts, Vendetta Kingz, CF, Fatha Death, Kouzï, Critical, Beeyoudee, DJ TMB, DJ Trickalome, DJ Fresh Cut, Shallow Pockets, Mygrane


Horrortech Alliance - Darknessskills (Single)

Beat: Northcreep


Fubar, Nicky Ferrarri, BulletProoff, Sacred Age, AlfaTsali, Sheep Lord, Fade2Dead, Fat One, Beattek, Dark Energy, Killa Ant, Drastyck Meaxurez, Drama Luciano, Verball Assassinator, Phantom, Donallbain & Gry Восточный

Ill Bill - When I Die (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Beat: Ill Bill
Director: J.F. Martin / Tom Vujcic for Reel Wolf Productions
Cinematography: Dave Stuart
Executive Producer: Amir Radi

Ill Bill's latest solo LP, "The Grimy Awards" CD/DVD will hits stores 1-29-2013, featuring HR of Bad Brains, A-Trak, El-P, Jedi Mind Tricks, OC, Cormega, Meyhem Lauren, Q-Unique, Shabazz the Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P. along with production from DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Beatnuts, El-P, Ayatollah, MoSS & Ill Bill himself. 

Verse 1:

I left you outside the gates of heaven, they wouldn't let me in
I waved goodbye as you stepped within
it's like Hell on Earth without you near
I named my daughter after you so when she smiles it's sorta like you're still here
It's kind of crazy how time flies
25 years since my grandmom died
but it feels like just yesterday when we was all laughing together
those happy memories are so vivid, they'll last me forever
and yet you're still here somehow, I still feel your presence
I credit you for my inner strength, I feel it in my essence
in my soul, in my inner being, in my genetics
I wouldn't exist if you hadn't persisted through the trenches
I wouldn't have been a lyricist, I owe you every sentence
every verse I've ever written, your energy is kinetic
though I've grown up, I'm still heartbroken, aching to cry
hoping you're the one holding open those gates when I die
Verse 2: 
I left you outside the gates of heaven, they wouldn't let me in
I waved goodbye as you stepped within
it's like Hell on Earth without you near
I named my label after you, so when I rhyme it's sorta like you're still here
it's been a year, still in shock about exactly what happened to you
made a song for you called "My Uncle", I was just rapping to you
just talking to you
I just saw you at my mother's house, I can't believe I just bought a coffin for you
we always feared that you would die from an overdose
God knows you loved to do drugs, it swallowed you whole
but in the end, drugs didn't kill you, cancer did
why do good people die young? I don't know what the answer is
all I know is I worshipped you as a scrappy kid
being around you made me feel cooler than rapping did
and that's pretty fucking cool, trust me
I was embarrassed when you started smoking crack, honestly, it crushed me
swept in under the rug
started smoking weed & popping acid but managed to not do the uglier drugs
we grew apart after my grandmother died
homeless, in and out of jail, we stopped relating to each others lives
but years later, we connected once again
not just as nephew and uncle, but as homies, we were friends
though I've grown up, I'm still heartbroken, aching to cry
hoping you're the one holding open those gates when I die


Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Recess of the Minds (ft. Alpha Sigma & Prawphit) [American Psycho Homage] (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

5th single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE!. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Fubar, Alpha Sigma & Prawphit. Video edited by DJ Rhum'1. Video footage used from the movie "American Psycho".


witness the bad guy, demons grin when I pass by
I'm the wind battering ships 'til they capsize
swim to the back side, while I spit for the last time
battling a djinn under black skies
as a kid I was baptized
in hopes to eliminate all the sins from my past life
I'ma spit 'til you flat-line
I'm like Moses, bodies of water split when I grab mics
you are no longer facing a human
genes were modified, they made an improvement
the man I once was, replaced with a mutant
that conducts the same energy Raiden induces
staying secluded in a state of confusion
battle inner demons and Satan's included
why try when escaping is useless?
now everything I do is related to music..

Alpha Sigma:

have your corpse exhumed each year, cut and hack up your cadaver
men of gory souvenirs, such filth-tacular macabre
I'm a Catholic with a vision of a savage inner mission
to bring wrath in exhibitions like the Spanish Inquisition
burn in the fire, admire the sight so high on Moriah
murder the child, comply or all people die's my desire
the bolt of lightning igniter, the horrid violence provider
the coldest nights are inside of the morgue, so I just divide up
small pieces of evening's, for seeking the reasoning
I feast on emcees when they needs hella seasoning
chugging our brews, spit and taunt other suckers like they're broads
fuck it we do what we want, we the motherfucking gods
I could listen to those trashy pitiful bastards rap
fuck that though, I'd rather just shit in my hands then clap
having been their first applause, they might smile if I did
saddening, then murder calls, flex and wipe them off the grid..


it's the verbal assassin, curb serving your masked men
got some herbal and hash like the bird in the ashes
you're gonna wish you took note of the tier from here
when I slit your throat from ear to ear
giving you the dope without the mirror to clear
shit it's a mad globe so shed those tears for fears
so let's be honest, I'm like Jeffrey Dahmer getting nauseous at a Benihana's
a sick starving artist, and bitch I've hardly started
I'm quick to carve a bar when I'm blitzed by harder hardships
equipped with thoughtful smarts and a clip for target markets
it's Mr. fucking Berkawitz merking a verse for kicks
on some special ops shit and burning that murderous
a little more sane thanks to the bass and the treble
with a brain people say is infected by devils
I'm so cocky when I write that dikes are bitching it's bad for business
but I'm so godly on the mic that my existence is sacrilegious

Murder International (Single)

Brain Kave Music Group LLC & Alterprod Present: "Murder International".  


Beat: Alterbeats 
Cuts: DJ Modesty


Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Sleeping Giants (ft. Klive Kraven & Si-Klon) - Cutz by DJ Twisted (4th Single)

4th single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Klive Kraven representing Goldminded Records and Si-Klon. Cutz by DJ Twisted

Klive Kraven:

rigidly, vividly, kill an emcee instantly
isn't he the epitome
a shit emcee, couldn't spit it clean with a mouth full of Listerine
I spit shit so dirty, you need Mr. Clean
won't stop 'til I hear you bitches scream
wake up it's just a wicked dream
sicker than Sheen, I got a viscious team
the Goldminded goons leave you dying in your tomb
fuck your wife's slimy womb
in the UK they say I'm a ________ dude
rocking with a grimey crew, mysterious like Chinese food
keep talking shit and I'll see you in I.C.U.
with an ivy dude, peep the level I kill
walking alone up the devil's hill..


I get depressed, trying to deal with the issues
one love to homies who can feel what I've been through
armed to the teeth, got a shield and a ginsu
lacerate your flesh and peel back the tissue
it's obvious you knew I was nuts
moment the volcano wakes up the booth will erupt
you ain't got a clue where I'm from
I do what I must, and I swear it on the moon up above
couldn't match my ability to rap
I break laws, travel to the end of infinity and back
decapitate heads using typically and ax
set foot in my cypher, get visciously attacked
your similies are wack, the epitome of trash
you'll be lucky if you leave with your dignity intact
officially I'm back with a symphony of tracks
turn them up until your ear drums instantly collapse


I emerge from the deepest level hidden behind the center
of several experimental portals deep inside a vessel
a vessel that lets me move from the underworld’s matrix
all the way to the Pleiadians ageless oasis
my D.N.A. can alter the memory of my bloodline
with sublime physical features moving in the human spine
every nerve connects and bends, it’s like a puzzle in my head
feel alive, relax your muscles, let your inner thoughts spread
dive into the double helix, as I move inside the fetus
breaking every part to pieces, burning the body like a phoenix
finding myself on journey, feeding flowers that are learning
to consume all the minerals and the sunlight above me
are you thirsty? then follow me to the continuum
where I am more than just a part of one hundred billion suns
that survive using the blood that is spilling from the fountain
the blood.. that is spilling from the fountain..

Action Bronson - Rare Chandeliers (2012)

Caprot - The Intermission EP (2012)

01. On Fire
02. Between Primes
03. The Truth (MikeLWJ Diss) (ft. Apostolus)
04. Face This
05. The Price of Freedom

*all tracks produced by LunaticK



Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Violins of Blood (ft. Hutch Devill & Lord Lhus) - Cutz by DJ Twisted (3rd Single)

3rd single from "Shark Infested Waters" which is now available for free download HERE. Album entirely produced, mixed & mastered by DJ Rhum'1. Vocals for this song handled by Hutch Devill and Lord Lhus. Cutz by DJ Twisted


I'm at the top of the food chain
hoping I'm not gonna mutate
into something unable to stop and subdue pain
wrote a story with a plot that includes fame
instead I'm walking non-stop in a fugue state
chose to smoke less, broke but won't beg
I continue traveling a road that won't end
father was nuts, had a dome with no sense
when I was only 12 years old he chose death
in a room sitting all alone I hold pens
and write about the fact that my soul is grotesque
why is it every person is after
the unattainable like the reversal of cancer?
dillusional, thinking there's a god in the heavens
afraid of the reality I'm not gonna mention
if I choose to, I can use a rock as a weapon
but I choose words now that I got your attention..

Hutch Devill:

I devour the powerless, demolish them with powerful fists
holding an hourglass, towering over you like where the father sits
I'm looking down upon the sick just like a pharmacist
you look upon your image and grin because your a narcissist
I look upon my own image and find it hard to sit
I only see sins, and how I've been due to my heartlessness
I only wish that I could store it away
hide from the hideousness just like the "Portrait of Dorian Grey"
but it's a glorious day and I shouldn't be a cynic
I know there's only one life and only one chance to live it
and if I spend today surrounded by sorrow and pain
then all of my tomorrows will slowly become my yesterdays
in any case, even knowing this, I would rather throw a fist
than blow a kiss at bitches when they show they lips
I'm not the shoulder you can lean upon
I'm not the open arms, and I'm not your strength when all your hope is gone
my name is Adam from Eden cast out of paradise
for rolling a pair of dice.. despair and I, we pair alike

Lord Lhus:

I'm coming at you to smash you and lash at your throat
I'll have you shackled and baffled, from the scene you awoke
with DJ Rhum'1, Fubar, running with the Shark Brothers
dark covers the night sky, thunder clouds cover
look up, stare at the rain as it drops
I got you shook up, now feel the pain never stops
hit a lightning crash, I like the blood, let me borrow more
my flow is raw, ignite the gas to the horrorcore
just keep it underground, listen to the murder sounds
scream for a life over death and agony as I burn them down
now the smell of flesh done got you heated
but you stand finished, burning alive and also defeated
face it, I got bodies stacked up in the basement
never lost a battle, written or freestyle, now embrace it
I hate this, how all of you rappers is wack
so let me finish them off and drop this murder on track..

Falcon Burns & Melph - Back in Effect

Order HERE

01. Back in Effect
02. Hip-Hop Part II
03. The Cypher (ft. Nine & C-Rayz Walz)
04. Another Part of Me
05. Got it 2gether (ft. Matt Maddox)
06. Hallway of Lyrics (Remix)
07. Represent (ft. Craig G & Logik Locksmith)
08. DJ Teeroc (Intermission)
09. NL Connection
10. You (ft. Creyesis, Ark-E-Tek & Dye)
11. This Way (ft. EQ)
12. Turn it Out
13. Bring it 2 'Em (ft. Shawn Lov)
14. That Income
15. Gone

Psix Presents: Underworld Netherlands - The Word Became Flesh & Blood (2012)

Order HERE

Label: Akkie Records
Mixed: Husc Sound
Mastered: Waxflowers Mastering
Cover Art: Mike VanderHoof

Rook da Rukus, Duhnokah da Great, Schoppenaas, P$!X, D-Cypha, Big Gastino, Crisis, Steadfast, Melk$$$$, The Cross continent Crew, Don Valentino, King Mike V, Virus One, Empne, Roeschti, Gurilla Grodd, Taiyamo denku, 80Proof, J smith, Lord Q, Pherom One, Mighty Warrior, Grim, Ajfms, Risskant, Anonymouz, Stihopatis, & Insane Poetry.

Gordo Templi - Brain Salad Surgery‏

Gordo Templi releases his new album, entitled "Brain Salad Surgery". The album consists of 11 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Verb, Tony Tone, Menace O.B.E.Z., The Jotaka, Kalki, Secret Swords, Addage, and Ghette. Productions from: Mad Steve, Lord Finnesse, Evidence, Dr Doom, Elhuana, Gordo Templi, Mindtwist, and Mr. Hyde.

01. Intro
02. Government Briefing [Beat by Mad Steve]
03. Reptilian Snake Queen [Beat by Lord Finnesse]
04. Form as One [Beat by Evidence]
05. Cattle Districts (ft. Verb, Tony Tone, Menace O.B.E.Z. & The Jotaka) [Beat by Dr. Doom]
06. Adeptus Exemptus (ft. Kalki, Secret Swords & Addage) [Beat by Elhuana]
07. Ex-A51 Employee (Skit)
08. Ancient Higher Beings (ft. Kalki) [Beat by Gordo Templi]
09. We So Strong (ft. Secret Swords & Ghette) [Beat by Mindtwist]
10. Tell-Lie-Vision (Skit)
11. Illuminati Mind Tricks [Beat by Mr. Hyde]


Baykan - Legion of Chaos Vol. 2 (2012)

Dro Pesci - When I Blow Up, Don't Show Up! 2

Dro Pesci - When I Blow Up, Don't Show Up!

Ras Kass - Barmageddon (Mixtape) (2012)

Gen3 - Zig-Zag Universe (Zu World Single)

Single released on ODB's death date and features Brooklyn Zu's Buddha Monk as a tribute to the great ODB and Juleunique from the West Coast adds on the remix.

DJ Joon - Tragedy (Remixes, Collabs & Instrumentals)


MoTioN - Here Piggy (Single)

Beat: MoTioN
Mix & Master: MoTioN


Cappadonna - Natural Elements EP (2012)


Fubar & DJ Rhum'1 - Shark Infested Waters (2012)

The wait is over. Shark Infested Waters is finally here and available for free download. 14 tracks of some of the darkest, most hardcore tracks you will listen to this year. All beats handled by DJ Rhum'1 and lyrics written by Fubar (aka Sharp Tongue). Guest appearances from Katha, The Jotaka, Lord Lhus, Anonamix, Si-Klon, Verb, Klive Kraven, Iguan, Maximus Da Mantis, Baby Jayne, Alpha Sigma, Gnz, Supreme the Truth, High Chief, Hutch Devill, Prawphit & Parradox. Cutz from DJ Joon, DJ Twisted & DJ Coach 1. Feel free to read the 2 reviews included below.

"Darkest Corridor" (1st Single)
"Bats in the Belfry" (ft. Katha) (2nd Single)
"Violins of Blood" (ft. Hutch Devill & Lord Lhus) (3rd Single)
"Sleeping Giants" (ft. Klive Kraven & Si-Klon) (4th Single)
"Recess of the Minds" (ft. Alpha Sigma & Prawphit) (5th Single)
 "Thick Skin" (ft. Baby Jayne) (6th Single)
Mister Schuh's Blog (Album Review)
Sikadelik's Website (Album Review)



The Jotaka & Perfect K - Ice Mind (2012)

Collaboration album from The Jotaka representing Demonios Sekt & Perfect K representing Death Squadron.

01. Intro [Beat by Peste]
02. Ice Mind [Beat by Tab & Anitek]
03. The Rage of the Dead [Beat by Toussaint]
04. Youth of Hell [Beat by Medium]
05. Terror en tu Hocico [Beat by Fonka]
06. Towards Beyond [Beat by Tab & Anitek]
07. Suena la Sirena [Beat by Slim The Chemist]
08. Waltz of the Sinking [Beat by Giyo]
09. Poison [Beat by Giyo]
10. Life Dark [Beat by Peste]
11. The Slope [Beat by Tab & Anitek]

03, 04, 05, 06 - cutz by Perfect K


Big Lu - Hits (2012)

01. Imagination
02. LSD
03. Another Bad Dream
04. Four-Way Santa
05. Brothers Ball-Peen
06. Call Me Hajji
07. Changed



Fubar - Before the Legend Vol. 2 (COMING SOON)

Due to the success of "Before the Legend Vol. 1" and the fact that my blog has reached over 30,000 page views, I will be releasing "Before the Legend Vol. 2" on Shark Brothers Label. It will be released prior to "The Legend of Sharp Tongue" but after "Shark Infested Waters".

01. Introduction [Beat by DJ Rhum'1]
02. Plutonian [Beat by Temples of Dracos]
03. No Fear (ft. Louie Sad) [Beat by Medium]
04. Red Dawn (ft. Hutch Devill, Chrismoke) [Beat by Drunkn Monk]
05. Hurdy-Gurdy (ft. St. Sl, Karsa) [Beat by Shu Melody]
06. Interlude [Beat by DJ Rhum'1]
07. Dark Ninja Assassinators (ft. Verb) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
08. Black Sunday (ft. Onse) [Beat by Mir the Bloody]
09. Surgical Precision (ft. Katha, The Jotaka, JKrazy, Blis Nemesis, Mr. Coronas) [Beat by Old Child]
10. Zombocalypse (ft. Resolute, Rez the Silverback) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
11. Put it in Motion (ft. Johnnie Bonano, J-Frog the Virus) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
12. Who's Watching? (ft. Fat Ross, Chris Crackalackle) [Beat by Waatu]
13. Outroduction [Beat by DJ Rhum'1]

05 - cutz by DJ Joon
02, 07 - cutz by DJ Coach 1

Hemzone Da Blogger Vol. 13

01. Lae - Woman in the Mirror
02. The Society of Invisibles - Invisible Army
03. Aslan & Don Ksen - La Fuente (Twelve Jewelz Latin Quarterz)
04. El Alfarero - Como Sea
05. Dark Blade - Problems
06. Riishii G7 - The Sage's Blade (ft. ViceVersa) [Beat by Amos the Ancient Prophet] - Cuts by Extremidiz
07. The Force Q, Dark Energy, Nephilm & Lord Gamma - Black Rambos
08. Ascended Masters - Gate Keepers
09. Quantum Shamans - Sinister Stricken (ft. Holocaust & White Lotus)
10. Sharon - Portas
11. The Book of Shadowz (ft. Aslan & Killah Priest)
12. Rook Da Rukus - The Sword (ft. Sick Since)
13. Nizuk (ft. Spektrim, Underlight & Kol Cientotrece) - Fake Emcees Must Die
14. The Jotaka (ft. Torner, Brujos Lokos) [Beat by DJ Joon]
15. Graveyard Shifter - Execute These Rats Fast [Beat by King H]
16. TLCOB - Gladiators
17. Fubar - Melancholy Death [Beat by Shu Melody]
18. Ern Dawgy - Fronteras (ft. El Alfarero & Ali aka Mind)
19. Kan - Take Candy From a Baby
20. Verb, Sai, El Dopa - Take The Hoof Off [Beat by Kwervo]
21. Duck & Cover - Bliss, War Generalz, Dee DaLimbless, Graveyard Shifter, Yedidiyah Ben Sion, Son of Saturn, Life Scientist, David T. Ruth, Da Infrared Rippa, Kalki, TekNeek

Iron Solomon - Killer (2012)