DJ Muggs - Sound Boy Killa EP (2012)

For a man that needs no introduction, he continues to re-introduce himself back into the music scene with increased relevancy and humility. More of a living legend than just a producer, Lawrence Muggerud, better known by his stage name DJ Muggs, has conquered just about every genre he has set foot on. We can easily associate him for being Cypress Hill’s DJ and producer, or perhaps for having produced tracks for Funkdoobiest, House of Pain, Dizzie Rascal, U2, Depeche Mode and many more. And yet, after spending some time talking to him the last night, it is clear that he only cares about one title, that of a musician devoted to the craft. With music evolving every second of every minute of our lives, only a handful have been able to keep up, and even fewer can bring forward the level of consistent talent DJ Muggs demonstrates.

Dark, aggressive and almost exhibiting a life of its own, the Sound Boy Killa exposes a new side of DJ Muggs we have not seen before, although always expected. As if he is reconstructing the rules of dubstep, the much less hip/hop influenced EP, indulges in emotional and grinding overtones that while overly layered, still feel smooth and organic.

Conceptually, it is classified as a Dubstep release, yet it breaths through an unprecedented amount of experimentation existent between the tracks. “People of the Earth” for example showcase a synergy between dubstep and drum and bass while the lighter tracks like “Sound Clash Business” bring in an energy of Trap surrounded by more natural sounding percussion elements. Our favorite however, are the filthy wobbles that continuously flirt with the sporadic manipulation of vocal samples on “Drop the Beat”.

DJ Muggs is offering his fans the Soundboy Killa EP as a gift to his fans in the form of a free download. The release is a bit darker than his upcoming LP release “Bass for Your Face”, but it will prepare you just the same. You can stream it below as well as download it in full.

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