The Jotaka & Verb - Ufff Vol. 2 (Double Disc) (COMING SOON)

Cover Art: Kachin

Upcoming album from The Jotaka & Verb. This is the follow up to the instant classic "Ufff Vol. 1" which is available now for free download. Vol. 1 featured production from Sounds of the Soul (aka Explicito), Lighttown Shadow, Nakmuay, High Chief, Junior Makhno, Kachin, The Soul Beat Assassinator, Antraz, Kwervo, WormX, DJ Joon, Ebon, Mc Ukay, Mr. Mamadou, Fndaf, DJ Coach 1, Horrorology, Mualansky, Best Quality & DJ Chazm. Guest appearances from Onse, Mental Telephathy, Filthy Tarantino, T-Nyce & Fubar. Vol. 2 will be a "double disc". The 1st disc will feature songs with only Verb & The Jotaka. The 2nd disc will include songs that other MC's are featured on along side Verb & The Jotaka.

If you haven't done so yet, do yourself a huge favor and download the classic "Ufff Vol. 1" by clicking the photo below !!!

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