Imperial Skillz Empera - Loss of Prestige (2012)

01. Snippets (ft. Si-klon, Anomos, Stumik, Grone Da Radikal, All'in)
02. Titans (ft. Solomon Childs, Project Manzu)
03. In the Hills of the Dark Land Tragic (ft. Holocaust, Bomshot)
04. Empire of Swords (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z., Sun of Sam)
05. Apokalypse (ft. Ern Dawgy, Dungeon Masta, Snefru)
06. The Temple (ft. White Lotus, Seraph Guard
07. War Drumz (ft. Unkn?wn)
08. Chase the Dragon (ft. Holocaust, Bomshot)
09. Hunger (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z., Life Scientist)
10. Da Corp & Da Sword (ft. Wu Corp Army)
11. B.M.C. (ft. Bloody Monk Consortium)
12. Cursed Opera (ft. Yedidyah Ben Sion, Stranga Tha Great, Wargod)
13. Slave Chains (ft. Sleep Sinatra, Life Scientist)
14. Staten Mic Wreckaz (ft. Billy Tha Kid, Doc Zootz)
15. Hologram in Numbers (ft. Dr. Creep)
16. Shogun (ft. Golden Masta, Life Scientist
17. Animal Side (ft. Si-klon, Poetic Death)
18. Secret Identity (ft. Genocide Regime)
19. Forces Invisibles (ft. Bensalem)
20. Oracles of Grimm (ft. RyPa, Si-klon)
21. Cross That Plane (ft. Suicide Lab
22. Generation Sword Warrior Pt. 1 (ft. Graveyard Shifter, Dark Energy)
23. Game Over (ft. Biologic)
24. Double Edge Sword (ft. Hobs Sputnik, Tank)
25. Angelic Savages (ft. Killer Falcon)
26. Ju Jitsu (ft. Righteous Da Goddess, Labal-S)
27. The Mouth of Leviathan (ft. DG Chato)
28. Excelsior Odyssey (ft. Tos El Bashir, M.z. 720)
29. Masters of Swords (ft. Scripture X, The Jotaka)
30. Lost Identity (ft. Kogeemo)
31. Apprentice Chamber (ft. Wyz)
32. Phantasmagoric Music (ft. Pro Gravestoneface, Ern Dawgy, Explicito)
33. Time Portal (ft. Secret Swords)
34. Burned Images (ft. The Jotaka, Katha, Verb)
35. Generation Sword Warrior Pt. 2 (ft. Afro Chamber)
36. Immortality (ft. Safardic, Si-klon)
37. U Got Shot Beat Rep''in Da Horror
38. Arabee Beat Rep''in Da Shaolin
39. Donc je Suis (ft. Iguan)
40. Bloody Tearz (ft. Quest Rah)

Tracks  06, 12, 16, 21, 28, 29 - Cutz by DJ Coach 1
Track 14 - Cutz by TMB
Track 28 - Cutz by DJ Flippin Finga

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