Lil' Seez Tha Reptilian - Tha Collaborations Album (2012)

01. Lyrical Genius (ft. Joey Curse)
02. Bring It (ft. Killah L & Talksick Illness)
03. Gunmen (ft. Wardub)
04. Restless (ft. Rainman)
05. Burn Underground (ft. Freehustle & RedG Hatchet)
06. Stand Your Ground (ft. RedG Hatchet)
07. War is my Destiny (ft. Ill Bill & Legion)
08. Celestial Soldiers (ft. Twin River Saints)
09. Fuck 'Em (GMoney Diss) (ft. DiVerseity & Labal-S)
10. Primal Rage (ft. Dr. Creep, Young Solow, 3xil3, Chemist, 3rd Eye, X-Flame)
11. Sold my Soul to Rock 'N Roll (ft. Point Blank)
12. Real Life (ft. B-Bell)
13. Demon's Grip (ft. Rainman)
14. 100 Bars (ft. RedG Hatchet)
15. No Extinction (ft. RedG Hatchet)
16. Had a Bad Day (ft. RedG Hatchet)
17. Funkin' (ft. Rainman)
18. Pool of Ink (ft. Legion)
19. I've Been Angelic (ft. Legion)
20. Never Did Nada (ft. Legion)


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