Fubar & Supreme the Truth - "Tears of God" (2nd Single) (Listen in HD)

2nd single from upcoming album titled "Impending Doom" which is a collaboration project from Fubar representing Shark Brothers Label, Demonios Sekt & OvaSeas Movement along with Supreme the Truth representing Goldminded Records.

Beat: Shu Melody
Cuts: TMB
Mix & Master: MoTioN
Artwork: Kachin

Supreme the Truth:

I've heard guys speak of slurred lies
my herb's Thai opening up my 3rd eye
righteous words I speak before you all
in this war I keep a hammer of Thor in the drawer
tears fall for those who passed
froze in the past where only the lows last
as time goes by, the pain don't ease
tears of God lost among the rain and breeze
strain in my knees but I still stroll
tell the Devil I'll never sell my soul
as hell unfolds and the devil's all rise
we don't cry, we free the rebels inside
heads to the sky, dreads to the wind
red by my side as I behead a djinn
fears aside, prayer's all I got
as I stand baptized in the tears of God


I was there, the very moment the Earth cried
I abandoned all hope and observed life
then it happened, I rose for the first time
and began trying to focus my third eye
almost there, I'm fighting for the chance
to demonstrate why I'm the finest in the land
put me in charge and put a tyrant in command
ferocious like when Mike Tyson was the champ
Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs"
I'm complex, don't even try and understand
I'm the equivalent of Poseidon as a man
or Zeus holding a bolt of lightning in his hand
god-like, yet I'm lost in the clouds
telling myself to only talk when it counts
cast away thinking of all who have drowned
acknowleging the tears as they fall to the ground..

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