Mark Deez - The Oracle 2: Ascension (2012)

01. Oracle 2: Intro [Beat by Archimedes]
02. Turn Away [Beat by Twisted Edge] - Cuts by DJ Madhandz
03. Trouble of Tthe World [Beat by Powder aka Casey Jones]
04. I Do It For… [Beat by Domingo]
05. Adjust the Frequency (ft. Bigg Limn & Dr. iLL) [Beat by Joppa Smoot]
06. No Doubt [Beat by DJ JS-1]
07. Jump Start (ft. EQ, Access Immortal & Kanis Lu) [Beat by Vherbal] - Cuts by White Shadow of Norway
08. Samurai Demons II (ft. Bigg Limn & Powder) [Beat by White Shadow] - Cuts by White Shadow of Norway
09. On My Own [Beat by Magic-Boy]
10. More Than Live (ft. Supreme Sol) [Beat by Mr. Hologram] - Cuts by DJ Madhandz
11. On Blast [Beat by Raw Substance]
12. Feelin Demented [Beat by Big O]
13. Never Give In (ft. Jr. Black, Mac x Slim, & Antonio Chance) [Beat by Pen Pointz] - Cuts by TMB
14. In The Zone (ft. Dr. iLL & Powder) [Beat by Snowgoons] - Cuts by White Shadow of Norway
15. Therapy (ft. Jon Murdock) [Beat by Powder aka Casey Jones]
16. My Only Weapon [Beat by J-Nyce]
17. The Narcissist [Beat by Mitologic]
18. My Testimony (ft. NiANiMa) [Beat by Padlock]
19. To The Fallen [Beat by Jenova 7]
20. Ascension (ft. Sacre Noir) [Beat by UV Beatz]
21. 41 Days [Beat by White Shadow of Norway]


01. 8:41 PM [Beat by Gary Francis]
02. Beau Jack [Beat by Type Beats]
03. Invisible Mines [Beat by MoTioN] - Cuts by TMB
04. Battle Axe Cypher (ft. Bigg Limn & Just-1) [Beat by Brods]
05. Grand Daddy (ft. N.B.S.) [Beat by Amos The Ancient Prophet]
06. For The Fans (ft. Antonio Chance) [Beat by Rudebwoy]
07. In The Studio [Beat by Soul Theory]
08. Thief in The Night [Beat by Kanis Lu]
09. Phenomenon (ft. Dr. iLL & Powder) [Beat by Faz]
10. The Siren of Ancient Loving [Beat by Trilian]
11. Ascension (Remix) [Beat by RazorSHARPE]
12. The Abyss [Beat by Jenova 7]
13. If You Love The Culture (ft. Fatha Death) [Beat by Powder]
14. The Clock [Beat by Damocles]
15. The Universe [Beat by Mike Savi]
16. No Play [Beat by Chize]
17. Stand & Salute (ft. Junclassic) [Beat by Sick Luke]
18. The Scene is Ours (ft. Jr. Black) [Beat by Real Words Music]
19. Here I Am [Beat by Type Beats]
20. Y.O.L.T. (You Only Live Twice) (Remix) (ft. Dras) [Beat by Pompey]

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